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Examples of Beautiful Annual Reports


19 Dec 2016

Regardless of your brand, product, or service, your annual report is always an opportunity to engage and connect with your audience, whether it’s stakeholders, employees, or customers. Look for opportunities to showcase great design at every touchpoint, and you’ll keep your audience’s attention. Here is a list with 10 of my favorite annual report designs either in print, video or web:

1) Prometey Bank 2012 Annual Report by Backbone Branding

The beautifully drawn animals featured in the pages of this annual report serve to remind readers about the threat of extinction. It also includes some clever data visualization by using animal lifecycles to represent statistical numbers.

2) Pirelli 2013 Annual Report by Cacao Design

This is what happens when you turn a report into art. The sculptural presentation is inspired by the theme (spinning the wheel). The seemingly off-balance position makes it feel as if the reports are actually rolling.

3) Clear Media Limited 2014 Annual Report by Phoenix Communications Limited

This gorgeous annual report used laser-cut technology to carve intricate scenes on each page. When closed, the layers combine to create a colorful overview for the readers.

4) Ablynx 2015 Annual Report by Soon

This report brings the data to life through 3D-printed visualizations, built and photographed individually.

5) Applegreen 2013 Annual Report by Biográficaogg Foundation 2015 Annual Report by Biográfica

Similar to the laser-cut images of the Clear Media report, Applegreen’s annual report features images of multilayered, 3D paper artwork that makes the information seem to jump off the page.

6) W.K. Kellogg Foundation 2015 Annual Report by W.K. Kellogg Foundation

This colorful, illustration-heavy interactive features tasteful design for a serious subject: racial healing and racial equity.

7) Vimeo 2013 Timeline by Vimeo

This clever report highlights what Vimeo is all about (videos, obviously) but does so through a colorful, exploratory experience. Viewers can interact with animations to learn more, encouraging maximum engagement.

8) Pelayo Iconic 2014 Annual Report by Biográfica

This colorful video shares year highlights in a highly stylized way, using real objects to represent the information. It also creatively integrates iPad screens to give the report rhythm and energy.

9) BBVA 2014 Annual Report by BBVA

The BBVA video report feels more like an artfully directed short film than an annual report. Music reminiscent of Explosions in the Sky plays in the background of a black-and-white film while simple motion graphics communicate company highlights.

10) Pfizer 2015 Annual Report by Pfizer

Instead of featuring static information about the employees and medical scientists at Pfizer, viewers are treated to short videos in which employees explain their role and what they are working on. This allows viewers to see a more personal side of the company.

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