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The ‘Lyric speaker’, by Six


11 Oct 2016

If you are like me, you will love this product! I always loved and have been involved with music since I was little, but my memory is so bad for lyrics, I often have to find the lyrics online if I want to sing along.

The ‘Lyric speaker’ was presented at Tokyo Design Week 2016, and it’s the next generation of speakers which displays lyrics synchronized with music. When you choose a song on your smartphone, lyrics appear on its translucent screen. Music analysis technologies can autonomously analyze the song’s overall mood and structure, and the built-in expression engine can create motion graphics for each song played.

The smart speaker was developed by Japan-based creative agency six, and the product was the recent recipient of the Good Design Award – Best 100.

The Lyric Speaker brings back the utility of a lyrics booklet but takes it to the next level using technology and stunning visuals, enhancing the power of individual songs.

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